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Collins Street Baptist Church1845John Gill, Joseph Reed
State Library of Victoria1854Joseph Reed
Eildon Mansion1855Joseph Reed
Wesley Church1857Joseph Reed
Royal Society Building1858Reed & Barnes
East Melbourne Residence1861Joseph Reed
Commercial Banking Company of Sydney1862Joseph Reed
St Michaels Uniting Church1866Reed & Barnes
The Menzies Hotel1867Reed & Barnes
Rippon Lea1868Reed & Barnes, Lloyd Tayler
Melbourne Town Hall1869Joseph Reed
Trades Hall1873Reed & Barnes
Scots Church1873Reed & Barnes
Former Bank of Australasia1876Reed & Barnes
Kathleen Syme Education Centre1876Reed & Barnes
Eastern Market1877Reed & Barnes
Wilson Hall (Melbourne University)1878Reed & Barnes
Royal Exhibition Building1879Reed & Barnes
Ormond College (Melbourne University)1881Joseph Reed
Sacred Heart Church1884Reed Henderson and Smart
Old Pathology Building (Melbourne University)1885Reed, Henderson & Smart
Lombard Building1887Reed, Henderson & Smart
Baldwin Spencer Building (Melbourne University)1887Reed, Henderson & Smart
Old Physics Conference Room and Gallery (Melbourne University) 1888Reed, Henderson & Smart
Mutual Store1891Reed, Smart and Tappin
A.C Goode House1891Wright, Reed & Beaver
Metropolitan Gas Company1892Reed, Smart & Tappin
Central Hall1904Reed, Smart & Tappin
Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart1910Reed, Smart & Tappin
Collins Place ANZ tower1980Pei Cobb Freed and Partners
Collins Place Tower and Sofitel Hotel1981Pei Cobb Freed and Partners

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