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Victorian Artists Society1892Richard Speight, Harry Tompkins
Former Ball and Welch Department Store1898H.W & F.B Tompkins
Tomasetti Warehouse1905H.W & F.B Tompkins
Dimmeys Store and Clock Tower1907H.W & F.B Tompkins
Hoopers Store1908H.W & F.B Tompkins
Centreway1909H.W & F.B Tompkins
Commercial Travellers Association1912Harry Tompkins
The Canterbury (Flats)1914H.W & F.B Tompkins
Herald and Weekly Times Building1921H.W & F.B Tompkins
London Stores1922Harry Tompkins
Myer Emporium1925H.W & F.B Tompkins
Myer Department Store1933H.W & F.B Tompkins

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