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1840 - 1869

During early colonial settlement of Australia. By 1850, the population of Melbourne was just a village and had reached a mere 80,000 people.

Most common styles included Regency, Georgian, Egyptian, Grecian, Picturesque Gothick.

All of these styles are rustic in nature, markedly absent in decoration, absent of picturesque rooflines (with the exception of the castellated Gothick) followed restrained classical forms and often symmetrical Palladian motifs.

Colonial Sydney and Tasmania had many examples of the simplisticly plain Georgian and Gothic Picturesque styles.

Being a relatively younger city, the few remaining Georgian buildings in Melbourne are of the regal Regency style, and are typically late Georgian to early Victorian in origin.

Among the most important remaining in Melbourne are St James Old Cathedral (rebuilt and relocated), Royal Terrace, Bishopscourt and the Heidelberg School of Art.

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