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1970 - 1979

The 1970s saw the beginning of the corporatisation of Melbourne, with the major financials building major office buildings and headquarters in the CBD. By this time, Sydney had extended it's lead in the major city rivalry, with an international profile and larger population and inner city development in the 1970s was far more impacting on it's skyline than in Melbourne. More buildings in Melbourne were demolished in the 1970s. Many old shopping arcades fell victim to make way for small air-conditioned shops and old warehouses were replaced by modern offices. A 'Save Collins Street' movement gained momentum, and the National Trust became extremely vocal but was considered by some to be too little too late.

In the suburbs, a growing gentrification movement began in the inner-city, turning many working class suburbs, such as Fitzroy and Carlton into renovators dream suburbs for the young urban professional. Few, if any, quality buildings came out of this period in Melbourne.

Important and influential buildings included Nauru House, Eagle House and the National Australia Bank building.

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