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Buildings designed by Nahum Barnet (architect) (Searching)

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Rosaville1883Nahum Barnet
Her Majestys Theatre1886Nahum Barnet
Her Majestys Theatre
Austral Buildings1890Nahum Barnet
Austral Buildings
Former Clarkes building1892Nahum Barnet
Former Clarkes building
Former Slatters Building1892Nahum Barnet
Former Slatters Building
Doctor Barrett Residence1895Nahum Barnet
Doctor Barrett Residence
119-125 Little Bourke Street1898Nahum Barnet
119-125 Little Bourke Street
Friendly Societies House1901Nahum Barnet
Friendly Societies House
Mason Firth and McCutcheon1903Nahum Barnet
Mason Firth and McCutcheon
Paton Building1905Nahum Barnet
Paton Building


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