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Renaissance Revival

The Renaissance style is a 15th Century revival of classic Rome. A new interpretation of Classicism where the classical orders were not thought of as a restrictive rule, but instead as a foundation for beauty. The architectural orders of classicism were applied as rules for perfect proportion, based on a human scale. In conforming to the general principles of regularity, symmetry, geometry and proportion, architects of the Renaissance were able to create visually aesthetic buildings. As a general rule, Renaissance Revival buildings are limited to around 3 storeys, as this is considered a human proportion. Although buildings taller than this generally possess a deep cornice marking the 3rd storey in an attempt to balance the composition.

Features of this style are :

Quoning, the process of alternating blocks or quoin-stones forming an external angle or corner of the building.

Aedicules, a window or door enframed by a temple like architectural arrangement.

Archivolts, Ashlars and arcades.

Cornice, usually straight course around the 3rd storey, with squat rectangular building massings.

Australias finest Renaissance revival buildings are all in Melbourne. They include the Treasury building on Spring Street, State Offices Treasury Place and the former Mint.

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